The beginning of something great and terrible.

So my friend at wanted some motivation to get back to her blog. I’ve been wanting to START a blog for a few years now. So here we are. This is a blog of whatever topic I can think of at the time, probably written when I can’t sleep, about various topics. These might include gaming, witchcraft, being a genderqueer female-presenting pansexual with lesbian tendencies, writing and reading novels, playing with yarn, playing with fabric, camping, my cats, and general musings about life. If any of these topics offend you, I’m sure there’s something else on the internet that better suits your blogreading needs. I’ll try to stay away from politics, but with a few of the preceding topics being hot-button issues in the American political landscape, there’s bound to be some bleeding over. I make no absolute guarantees.

Regarding the title of this blog: I’m a combo insomniac/hypersomniac. I can’t get to sleep worth a damn, but once I’m there it’s probably easier to teach a cat to tap dance than wake me up. It’s pretty frustrating, especially since I’m the live-in caretaker for my disabled mother … and she doesn’t really ‘get’ that my all-night computer binges aren’t really voluntary. After a couple hours of staring at the insides of my eyelids and tossing about wishing I could sleep, I’m better off finding something to watch on Netflix. Hell, sometimes it even works and I manage to get to sleep … which becomes a problem when I want to wake up.

And I’ve developed a new problem. I have an alarm app on my phone that makes me do a few math problems before it’ll stop yelling at me (right now, the alarm ringtone is JARVIS telling me to wake up). I learned the other day that I’m now capable of hitting the ‘snooze’ function and doing basic math … without waking up. I discovered this when the alarm finally woke me up … an hour and a half after it started going off.

Meditation and exercise might help some, as would a bed that doesn’t have springs that dig into uncomfortable places no matter how I move. My bedroom is basically a cave with a small amount of indirect light, so some direct sunlight in the morning would be nice too. And melatonin, if I can remember to take it in time. This is so not a new problem. My mother remembers me having trouble getting up even as a child. I’m a natural night owl. Mornings are for suckers. Obviously I should consider getting a sleep study. I’ll get around to that as soon as I have insurance that will cover such things.


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