Charm packs, obsessive counting, and insomnia

I bought some charm packs for a project, my sleep schedule is behaving well, I exercise some self control and sleep instead of play with fabric.


My mother’s quilting group went on a mini shop hop as one of their last events before ending for the summer (many of them are snowbirds and take off for more hospitable climates when the weather gets stupid here in the desert). We only went to the one store and they had a great demo of how to take ten inch squares and make triangles out of them. I’ve wanted to branch out from squares and rectangles for a while. Everyone was given a pattern, and since my mother and I live together the store gave me a different pattern. I would’ve been content just sharing with mom the one everyone else got.
So, since I had this pattern that wanted a butt load of 10″ squares or a smaller version calling for three 24-count 5″ squares, I picked up a pair of Moda charm packs that I like. Two 42-count packs will work instead and possibly leave me with either lots of leftovers or a bigger quilt. The colors are kind of on the ‘bright’ side for me, but if I’m ambivalent on the final result I know I can find a good home for it. I made it about four hours before I opened them up to fondle them.
I have this thing where I have to count some things. Label says there’s 42 in a pack, I have to count them. And then again, in case I was wrong the first time. If I’m interrupted I have to start over from the beginning and count twice again, because who/whatever interrupted me ruined the routine. Lacking even feline interference for a change I counted the first pack which had 44(!) squares, very exciting. The second pack didn’t. So then I had to go through and fold over each square, one pack and then the other, to see which ones were extra. They turned out to be orange hues. I pulled them out to separate them and they’ll go in a comic book sleeve as a scrap square for later pillaging. I’ll have to write a post about that with some pictures.

(02:52) Now the two packs are taunting me. I had a really awful sleep cycle the last couple of weeks and I’m absolutely exhausted. I really really want to play with them, sort them and re sort them and organize them and do layouts and put them back in piles, them sort them properly for the project and get them ready for sewing. And here is an example of why I’m NOT just making a choice to be irresponsible – I’m not gonna play with them until Thursday. Nope, I am tired AF and I’m going to sleep because hallefrickinlujah, I’m gonna sleep. It’s a blessed feeling to feel like sleeping, wanting to sleep, and feeling that I can sleep. I’m not gonna spoil that just so I can molest some fabric.
I’ll dream of sewing charm pack squares and cutting them into triangles. And I might even wake up on time, if the cats leave me alone.